By Laws incorporated November 2004


This organization shall be known as the Northern California Enamel Guild also known as the NCEG.


The NCEG is a not for profit organization. No officer or member shall acquire net earnings from this organization.
This organization is organized exclusively for social, charitable, literary, and educational purposes.
This organization shall provide encouragement, information, instruction, fellowship, and inspiration to enamelists and others interested in enamels.
This organization shall engage and support activities to increase public awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the art of enameling.
This organization shall promote good craftsmanship and design through the exploration of the techniques and problems involved in enameling.
This organization may conduct workshops wherein noted enamellists or persons with expertise in a related discipline will come to teach or lecture on their techniques.
This organization shall promote periodic exhibitions of enamels either regional, national, and international in scope in order to widen community understanding of creative enameling.
This organization may maintain relationships and participate with other enameling or related organizations that have similar interests and objectives.


Section 01 Membership Qualifications
a. Membership shall be open to any person with an interest in enameling.
b. Applicants shall be admitted to membership upon payment of dues.

Section 02 Membership Classifications
a. Active member
Active members are members in good standing who are current with their dues.
b. Honorary Member
A Honorary Member shall be any person or persons so designated by the Executive Board in recognition of their support to this organization or the field of enameling.
A Honorary Member shall have the same qualifications and rights as an Active Member for the life of the member.
A Honorary Member may be selected at the discretion of the Executive Board but is not required.
c. Past Member
An Active Member is designated a Past Member when membership is terminated by resignation or non-payment of dues.
Past Members do not have the rights of an Active Member.

Section 03 Membership Dues
a. New members
New members may join at any time during the calendar year and pay a pro-rated amount appropriate to the date paid as designated by the Executive Board each operating year.
b. Active Members
Active Members dues are due on January 1 of each calendar year.
If payment is not received by Jan 30th, then the Member shall be designated to Past Member. This member may be reinstated upon payment of the yearly dues at any time during the year when approved by the Membership Officer.
An Active Member shall pay dues as International Membership, National Membership, Family Membership, or Student Membership.
c. International Membership
An Active Member shall have International Membership if their location is outside the United States.
The annual dues for International Members shall be set by the Executive Board each calendar year.
d. National Membership
An Active Member shall have National Membership if their location is within of the United States.
The annual dues for National Members shall be set by the Executive Board each calendar year.
e. Student Membership
An Active Member shall quality for Student Membership when enrolled as a full time student.
The annual dues for Student Members shall be set by the Executive Board each calendar year.
f. Family Membership
Active Members shall have a Family Membership with multiple members when all family members have a single mailings address.

Section 04 Member Rights
a. Active Members may receive notices of the General Meetings, and to attend and to participate in these meetings.
b. Active members have the right to vote.
c. Active Members may run for and hold elective office, and hold an appointed office, and/or serve on a committee.
d. Active Members are encouraged to participate in or lead in the planning of projects and activities.
e. Active members may participate in workshops as well as other guild activities, and apply to juried exhibitions sponsored by this organization.


Section 01 Executive Board
The Executive Board shall consist of the elected Officers and the immediate past President, and optionally two Chairpersons who are selected by the Executive Board.
a. The Executive Board shall expedite the work of the Guild by handling business, project planning, and policies.
b. Board meetings shall be held prior to General Meetings and be conducted by the President.
c. The Board shall be subject to the directions of the Guild, and none of its acts shall be in conflict with action taken by the General Membership.
d. The Executive Board shall make recommendations to the General Membership.
e. The Executive Board shall manage the guild finances and shall submit a financial statement to the membership annually or upon request.
f. The Executive Board shall recommend and approve awards to be given by the guild.
g. The Executive Board shall present an Operating Plan for each year to the membership.
h. The Executive Board shall present an Operating Plan for the new term within 30 days of elections and present it to the membership.

Section 02 Officers
a. The Officers shall be elected by the membership.
b. All Officers shall be required to submit written end of the year reports on activities and budgets to be submitted to the President prior to the Annual Meeting.

Section 03 Committees
a. The Chairperson of the committee shall be appointed by the President with approval by the Executive Board.
b. Each committee will be lead by a Chairperson who will coordinate with the appropriate Executive Board Officer.
c. Committee members shall be volunteers solicited by the Chairperson for the term agreed upon by the volunteer and Chairperson.
d. Duties of the Committee Members shall be those agreed upon by the member and the Chairperson.
e. The Committee Chairpersons shall be responsible for the organization and implementation of projects and shall report to the coordinator on the Executive Board for that committee.

Section 04 Fiscal Year
a. The fiscal year shall be the calendar year from January 1st to December 31st.
b. Upon approval of the Executive Board, the previous year?s budget shall be reviewed to identify and understand the expenditures of all guild monies.
c. Officers and Chairpersons shall keep accurate records of monies according to guidelines provided by the Treasurer.
d. Additional monies beyond that approved in the current budget for a specific project or that bind the organization in any way are to be approved by the Executive Board.


Section 01 Officers
a. The elected Officers of the NCEG shall be President, one or more Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, and one or two Members-at-Large, if any, as designated by the Executive Board.

Section 02 Election and Term of Office
a. The officers shall be elected by written ballot or open voting.
b. The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of candidates for the elective offices prior to the Annual Meeting for the election. The slate shall be read at which time nominations from the floor, if any, shall be accepted, provided the consent of the candidates has been obtained.
c. The officers shall be elected by the membership at an Annual Meeting.
d. A plurality vote of the membership shall elect.
e. Absentee ballots, to be valid, must be received by the Secretary before the election at the General Meeting
f. The Election Committee, who shall count the votes, shall consist of the Secretary as Chairperson and two members appointed by the President.
g. The term of each office shall be for two years.
h. All officers shall serve from the time of installation until the end of the elected term.

Section 03 Removal
a. The Executive Board may by majority vote to remove an officer due to that officer not performing the general duties of the office.

Section 04 Replacement
a. A vacancy in an elective office, except President, occurring before midyear shall be filled by election. Vacancies occurring after shall be filled by appointment by the President with Executive Board approval.
b. A vacancy in the office of President shall automatically filled by the Vice-President.
c. The office of the Vice President shall then be filled by appointment or election as stated above.


Section 01 President
a. The President shall preside at all General and Executive Board Meetings.
b. The President shall appoint, with approval of the Executive Board, all Committees Chairpersons.
c. The President shall be an advisory member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.
d. The President shall serve one year on the Executive Board after their term of office expires.

Section 02 Vice-President Outreach
a. The Vice-President Outreach shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President.
b. The Vice-President Outreach shall succeed the President in the event of resignation or termination.
c. The Vice-President Outreach shall coordinate the guild outreach.
d. The Vice-President Outreach shall be advisor to the following:
Membership Committee;
Publicity/ Education Committee;
Newsletter Committee;
Website Committee.

Section 03 Vice-President Programs
a. The Vice-President Programs shall coordinate the programs.
b. The Vice-President Programs shall be advisor to the following:
Workshop Committee;
Exhibition Committee;
Conference Committee.

Section 04 Secretary
a. The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all General and Executive Board meetings and submit them to the appropriate persons.
b. The Secretary shall maintain permanent file for minutes and other appropriate documents.
c. The Secretary shall maintain copies of the Bylaws.
d. The Secretary shall be the chair of the Elections Committee.
e. The Secretary shall send out notices of upcoming meetings via newsletter or email.
f. The Secretary shall conduct all correspondence of the organization.
g. The Secretary shall be advisor to the following:
Slide Librarian;
Book Librarian;
Nominations Committee;
Elections Committee.

Section 05 Treasurer
a. The Treasurer shall keep a banking account for the organization and have charge of all funds.
b. The Treasurer shall pay all properly verified bills in accordance with the approved budget or as approved by the Executive Board.
c. The Treasurer shall keep all fiscal records including receipts and expenditures and present reports when called upon.
d. The Treasurer shall present a statement of accounts at each meeting and at any other time when requested by the Board.
e. The Treasurer shall close the books as of December 31st and present the results to the membership at the Annual Meeting.
f. The Treasurer shall be the Chairperson to the Budget Committee.


Section 01 Standing Committees
a. Budget Committee
This committee shall be composed of the newly elected President and Treasurer, the outgoing Treasurer, and/or other members who shall act only as advisors and will prepare a budget to be presented to the newly elected Executive Board.
The Treasurer shall be Budget Committee Chairperson.
b. By-law Committee
This committee shall be composed of the President and any interested Guild members.
The President shall be the By-law Committee Chairperson.
c. Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee shall be composed of at least at least one past president and two past or present officers.
The Nominating Committee shall solicit volunteers for offices and present a slate of candidates to the membership at a General Meeting.
The Nominating Committee shall elect the Nominating Committee Chairperson.
d. Election Committee
The Election Committee shall be composed of the Secretary and two members appointed by the President.
The Election Committee shall make arrangements for the election prior to the general meeting, and shall count the votes.
The Secretary shall be Election Committee Chairperson.
e. Membership
The Membership Committee shall keep an accurate list of members in good standing.
The Membership Committee shall notify members when dues are to be paid.
The Membership Committee shall notify members who dues are delinquent.
The Membership Committee shall notify prospective members of the amount of dues and that dues are due and payable at the time of joining the Guild.
The Membership Committee shall provide the Executive Board and the Newsletter Committee with current membership information.
The Membership Chairperson shall be appointed by the President.
The Membership Chairperson shall welcome the new members with introductory letter and information package.
The Membership Chairperson shall introduce the member to the membership.
f. Newsletter
The Newsletter Committee shall produce and distribute the newsletters.
The publications schedule shall be determined by the Newsletter Chairperson and approved by the Executive Board and presented to the membership in the Operating Plan.
The Newsletter Chairperson shall be appointed by the President.
g. Workshops
The Workshops Committee shall arrange and coordinate workshops.
Fees paid by workshop attendees shall cover all costs of the workshop.
The Workshops Chairperson shall be appointed by the President.
h. Education
The Education Committee shall arrange and coordinate Guild participation in public events
The Education Committee shall write publicity and press releases.
The Education Chairperson shall be appointed by the President.
i. Historian
The Historian shall compile and maintain Guild historical materials and a record of Guild activities.
The Historian shall be appointed by the President.
j. Slide Librarian
Slide Librarian shall acquire, maintain, and catalog slides for the organization, and arrange for the slides to be available for showings for educational purposes and to museums, gallery owners, and others.
The Slide Librarian shall be appointed by the President.
k. Book Librarian
The Book Librarian shall acquire, maintain, and catalog published materials and property, and make these materials available for use by members of the Guild.
The Book Librarian shall be appointed by the President.
The Book Librarian will review and present to the Executive Board those titles recommended for purchase.

Section 02 Other Committees
Such other committees as shall be necessary to carry on the work of the organization may be appointed by the President, or the Executive Board, or the General Membership.


Section 01 Annual Meeting
An Annual Meeting shall be held each year for elections and other guild business.
This meeting shall incorporate a General Meeting

Section 02 General Meetings
General Meetings shall be held to facilitate participation of the membership in the organization, business and project planning of the guild.
There shall be at least a minimum of two (2) General Meetings each year in addition to the Annual Meeting.
The General Meetings shall be scheduled by the Executive Board.
When possible a speaker or activity will be offered at the meetings.

Section 03 Executive Board Meetings
The Executive Board shall hold meetings as needed and agreed to by the board.
Executive Board meetings shall be held prior to a General Meeting.
Executive Board meetings shall be open to the Membership.

Section 04 Meeting Location
The Executive Board may designate the place of the meetings.

Section 05 Notice of Meetings
The Secretary shall give notice of the date and location of the Executive Board and General Member meetings.

Section 06 Quorum
a. The active members present shall constitute a quorum at the General Meeting.
b. A majority of board members shall constitute a quorum of the Executive Board.


Parliamentary authority, Roberts Rules of Order, Revised, shall be the authority governing this organization.


These Bylaws may be amended, or repealed and new Bylaws adopted, at any regular business meeting of the Guild by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present, provided written notice of the proposed change, including the date upon which the vote will be taken, has been mailed to all members. Requests for changes of the Bylaws must be received in writing by the Secretary six weeks prior to the General Membership meeting