From the beginning…

1974   June Schwarcz organized monthly meetings in & around Sausalito, California. Enamelists got together to show each other their work an to share resource information.

1978   The earliest exhibition was held in a Walnut Creek Gallery, California.

1979   The NCEG Newsletter was created by Judy Stone.

Members began taking workshops from out of their area and shared what they learned in local guild meetings. Workshops were then sponsored in California.  Members displayed guild information at tables for the public at art and craft shows.
The Guild encouraged participation in showing enamel  works at the California State Fair with a $100.00 award for an enamel of excellence.  The San Mateo County Fair added a $150.00 to the Guild’s $50.00 sponsorship when the enamelist category was opened.

1995   A California State Fair “Award of Excellence” was given for the 7 foot panel entitled “ An Allegory for the Silicon Valley”.  Jean F. Jenkins and 11 enamelists took part in its creation.

1996   The first Juried Enamel Guild exhibition was co-sponsored with the Coastal Arts League Museum and Art Gallery 92 in Half Moon Bay, California.  The show was also exhibited on the world wide web.  Alana Clearlake organized the first show.

1997   NCEG guild website was created at www.enamelguild.org/wp. It was created by Mike Wimble, Gay Bell and Nicky Hull-Campbel

2004   Maryland Edwards and the board members began work on updating the Guild Guidelines proposed by Jean Jenkins in 1994.

2005   The “NCEG Guild Bylaws” were completed and passed by the guild members.


•June Schwartz (1974-1992)

•Judy Stone (1993)

•Jean F. Jenkins (1994)

•Dr. Ryan (1995)

•Gay Bell & Alana Clearlake (1996-2000)

•Stephanie Kaehler (2001)

•Board Members (2002)

•Nancy Goodenough (2003)

•Maryland Edwards (2004-2005)

•Stephanie Kaehler (2006-2007)

•Judy Stone (2008)

•Anna Tai (2009-2012)

•Christine Finch (2013-2014)

•Holly J. Carter 2015-present