The NCEG sponsors workshops as membership expresses an interest and attendance supports. A workshop is planned with the yearly conference and the NCEG sponsored exhibitions. Workshops may be one day or a week long including:

Critiques of class work … Instructor briefing and demonstrations … Individuals work.

Workshop History

October 27-28, 2007

Cubberly Community Center
4000 W. Middlefield Rd.
Palo Alto, CA


Cloisonnè Workshop with Joanne Conant EnamelThis cloisonnè enamel project would utilize opaque and transparent enamels to achieve the soft skin tones and shading of a face. The student can use a drawing supplied by the instructor or one of their own.

A base of opaque enamels will be used for the face and hair with transparent enamels used in subsequent firings to add shading and tone. The background will provide an opportunity to play with opaque, opalescent and transparent enamels to create clouds.

The instructor will provide 2in. fine silver discs* and cloisonnè wire. A lab fee will be charged.
*the fine silver eliminates time spent preparing copper and eliminating the fire scale each time the piece is fired.

Coordinator: Maryland Edwards 

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Workshop materials list

NCEG Conference 2006
July 22-23, 2006The Crucible
1260 7th St
Oakland, CA 94604
“Enameling: Form + Image” with Jessica Calderwood

A workshop on forming metal and enameling on the 3-dimensional forms is being held in conjunction with the 8th International Juried Enamel Exhibition.
Use die-forming and sinking to create dimensional forms in copper and then work enamel miniature drawings and paintings on forms. Ancient enameling techniques will take a contemporary twist through the use of ceramic underglaze pencils, sifted enamels, and overglaze painting enamels.

Coordinator: Judy Stone


NCEG Conference 2005

Clubberly Center
Palo Alto, CA

“Fusion of Silver Bead and Cloisonne Enamelwork”
with Linda Crawford
NCEG 7th International Juried Enamel Exhibition 2004

The Crucible,
Oakland, CA

“Enamel and Drawn Image”
with Katy Kergman Cassell
NCEG Conference 2004

Oakland, CA

with Jean Tudor
NCEG Conference 2003

Oakland, CA

with Coral Shafer
NCEG Conference 2002

Oakland, CA

“Metal Forming”
with Jack DaSilva
NCEG 6th International Juried Exhibition 2002

Richmond Art Center
Richmond, CA

“Special Techniques”
with Jan Harrel