Karin Pohl

Artist Statement:

“I have been working with enamels for over thirty years and have been introduced to several different techniques as an apprentice in Vienna. I found Limoges the most suitable technique to “paint” with enamels. Each piece is still as challenging and interesting as the first and I keep it that way by making each a one-of-a-kind creation.

I specialize in animal and human portraiture and landscapes inspired by my travels to near and far away places. I work from my own photographs when ever possible and create an exact drawing with pencil before I start the enamel piece. To create my Limoges I start with a metal base of copper, which I prefer over other metals, apply with a brush many layers of transparent, opalescent and opaque enamels (wet pack). Between layers I incorporate fine silver and pure gold foils, paillons and in some cases gold leaf. I finish by applying painting enamels (mixed with clear firing oils) with a crow-quill pen for the very fine details and outlines. Each piece has about fifteen firings at 1200 – 1800 F. My husband Wolfgang will then create a hand fabricated setting for the Limoges. We have been working together for the last ten years and we collaborate on each design and the materials to be used. Among other gems we often like to use opals because of the great depth and colors much like enamels, many of them are like paintings in them self and we feel they compliment my Limoges.

I strive to create small treasures that you or yours will cherish for a lifetime.” – Karin