NCEG Membership Form

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Please complete the following steps to become an active member in NCEG or update information:

  • Step 1. Complete the Membership Form below;
  • Step 2. email the form to update your membership information;
  • Step 2. Print the form and mail in with the dues payment.

Step 1. Complete the following form.

NOTE: we need to get a working form in here or use a PDF, as you prefer.
Name last    first
Address street
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Enameling Interests/Involvement
Please share with the board the following that apply to help plan activities of interest.
Enamelist Silversmith Jeweler
Artist Exhibit in galleries Craft fairs
Collector Supporter Business Organization
Memberships: Enamelist Society SNAG Other

Teaches: (what/where):


Membership Type/Dues
Individual &Family   $25 Student   $12.50 After June 1   $12.50
Membership Privacy
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You can update your membership information at any time by sending in an update only and not sending in a payment – to do so just select the following button and do not complete Step 2.

Step 2. Send membership information and pay dues

Please send dues appropriate for the type of membership requesting. If the membership is a new membership and is after June (i.e., June through December), then the dues are appropriately cut in half for the year. If you have a question then please contact the Membership Chairperson.

Paying with a check is temporarily the only option as we explore other solutions to pay online.
Please make checks payable to NCEG and mail to:

NCEG Membership
P.O. Box 254
El Cerrito, Ca. 94530

To print the form to include your membership information with your check:    
or to email the membership information completed above: