NCEG 2007 Annual Conference Retreat

“Day Long Conference in the Redwoods”

Date:   June 16, 2007
Time:   10 to 4:00 p.m.
Place:   Stephanie Kaehler’s home

RetreatJoin the NCEG for a full day of lectures, demonstrations and socializing.

Guests include

  • ! ! Albion Smith, metal and enamel artist
  • ! ! Lee Marshall of Bonny Doon Press
  • ! ! Joanne Conant, workshop instructor
  • ! ! Maryland Edwards, NCEG


Albion Smith will talk about his enamel work.


Albion Smith will share his experiences adding enamel to his elegant tea pots and vessels. He will bring examples and explain how the addition of enamel can add that perfect touch. 

Lee Marshall will talk about his new saw.

Lee Marshall of Bonny Doon Press will talk about and demonstrate his latest tool innovations. He will answer questions and talk about his work.

Joanne Conant will talk about planning the NCEG workshop.

Joanne Conant is invited to give a workshop for NCEG in the fall. Her enameling techniques include Cloisonné, Plique-a-jour, Champleve, Grisaille and Limoges. We will have a telecon including Joanne to discuss what we would like to do in the workshop and get our feedback to set up the activity. And we have suggested Portrait Enamel using shading of opaque and transparent enamels. Joanne is a wonderful and active instructor who has invalueable techniques to share.

Maryland Edwards who will talk about her class with JoAnne Connant and show her pieces made in a 3 day workshop. 

Maryland will have a show and tell about an electronic camera picture setup.

Maryland will bring her TrueLite and tripod setup to talk electronic picture.

A tiny tripod, Joby GorillapodSLR Tripod, can be purchased at electronics store including Best Buy. This tiny tripod has alots of flexibility.
The lite, OTL13TCG TrueColor Task Lamp, is small and can be folder up to carry easily.

All are invited to bring their cameras to try out this setup. And bring your pieces to use others cameras.

And what about eating?

Lunch: enjoy delicious salad lunch on our sunny Bonny Doon deck amid the redwoods.
Dinner: stay for a barbecue pot luck. We will be barbecuing a turkey, please bring a side dish or a dessert to share. The Guild will provide soft drinks – bring wine or beer if you would like. See you there.

Plan to come!

Reservations for the Conference are $25. Send your check to Roberta Smith at 75 Garland St. Oakland, CA 94611. RSVP is appreciated but not necessary if you decide to come at the last minute.

DIRECTIONS: 8756 Empire Grade Road, Santa Cruz
Take Highway 17 from San Jose to Santa Cruz and follow the signs for Half Moon Bay.
Stay on Mission Street until Bay Ave (this is the entrance to UCSC). Go left onto High/Empire Grade Road. Proceed up to Bonny Doon (about 15 minutes). Go past the Boony Doon airport. Turn right past the bus stop into driveway at 8756 Empire.
PHONE: 831-429-9020.

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