JANUARY 17, 2004

At California College of Arts (formally CCAC)

5212 Broadway    Oakland, Calif. 94618

About 30 enamelists and artists participated in the NCEG enamel conference.  They had a relaxed, enjoyable and informative schedule.  The morning was dedicated to meeting with other enamelists and enjoying refreshments.  Maryland, our president for the year 2004, welcomed the group and gave us an overview of the day.  Slides were reviewed in the “Ask the Experts” segment with Alana and Sandra presiding.

 The whole group got involved in discussing ways of presenting enamels and working with professional photographers. How to communicate with the packers of enamels at shows was important information that will save enamels from breakage during shipping.  There was a panel that discussed inexpensive but effective ways of presenting enamels to the public.

 A business meeting during the lunch break brought the board members together to discuss the future of the Guild.

In the afternoon there was a great demonstration by Deborah on how to weld copper forms.  She makes it look so easy.


 There were hand outs for everyone to take home.  Our workshop teacher Jean, involved our creativity with a talk about where ideas come from.  A slide presentation of her travels and her enamel work were very interesting.  She has incorporated the raku with her wall presentations and brooches.


 Robert brought slides which showed the fantastic machinery that produces the Guilloche’ metal work that is seen under enamels in the Faberge’ technique.

Sandra, Jerilynn and Stephanie showed us how to work with the Precious Metal Clay for enameling and the possibilities are only limited by your creative imagination.

    enameled PMC by Sandra Bradshaw (Photo by Hakasawa)   enameled PMC by Jerilynn   enameled PMC by Stephanie

At the end of the day the group got together to discuss what the guild wanted to accomplish in the year 2004.  Everyone enjoyed a really good meal at the Rusitca Restaurant with good friends.

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