Privacy Policy

The NCEG is deligent to protect your personal information and this website is designed to protect it. Information shared must be specifically agreed to by the artist or it will not be shared. The following describes the NCEG online policy:

  • Personal Information – Membership information and other contact information for members is put in the online membership only with written consent of the member.

    The member name will be listed with the images in the gallery. A membership directory is published in hardcopy and mailed to members once a year. A member information including name, phone, address, email, and website will be included in the directory unless specifically request part or all to be excluded. Links for websites are listed when specifically requested by the member. Email, phone, and addresses are listed for specific articles when approved by the member.

  • Images – Members may submit images for the Member Gallery. For the images, the member name will be included with the image name and creation date. Other images included on the website include images submitted for an exhibition which is used for promoting the guild’s nonprofit activities.
  • Modifications – Changes to this privacy policy be posted on this webpage and members will not be notified directly of changes except at the next time information is submitted whether it be personal information or images.