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    Enamel Guilds

    The Enamelist Society, Inc. Membership Information National organization of enamelist in the United States. Is a volunteer arts organization founded in 1987 for the purpose of promoting the art of enameling.

    Related Organizations (eg. Metal guilds)

    Metal Arts Guild Metal arts volunteer organization in San Francisco, CA.

    Teachers and Schools

     Richmond Art Center  Enameling Classes Faculty :

    Holly Carter

    Ed Lay

     The Crucible  Enameling Classes



    Categories of suppliers listed include the following:

    Enamels and General Supplies

    135 W. 29th St., Rm. 402
    New York, NY 10001
    (800) 645-7124
    kilns, metal-working toolsTalk to Tevil who is very helpful.
    Bovano of Cheshire
    830 S. Main
    Cheshire, CT 06410-3208
    (800) 847-3192 or (203) 272-3208
    French (Soyer) enamels which are thought to be the best.
    Enamel Emporium
    1221 Campbell Rd.
    Houston, TX 77055
    (713) 433-1817
    Japanese enamels, Thompson Enamels, Bovano enamels- very limited supplies
    Enamelwork Supply Co.
    1022 N.E. 68th
    Seattle, WA 98115
    (800) 596-3257 or (206) 525-9271
    Ninomiya (Japanese) enamels,misc. enameling supplies.
    Talk to Coral.
    Leslie Ceramics (*)
    1776 Wright Ave
    Richmond, CA 94804
    (510) 524 7363
    Thompson enamels,, kilns, kiln repair, general enamel supplies, ceramic supplies
    Rio Grande
    4516 Anaheim Ave. N.E.
    Albuquerque, NM 87113
    (800) 545-6566
    Schauer enamels (manufactured in England), misc. enamel supplies, everything for metal working, fine silver, cloisonné wire, PMC
    Schlaifer’s Enameling Supplies
    (800) 525-5959
    Thompson and Soyer enamels, general enameling supplies, old leaded Thompson enamels, specialty dies for copper shapes
    Thompson Enamels
    PO Box 310
    Newport, KY 41072
    (859) 291-3800
    major manufacturer-supplier in U.S.

    Metal and Metal-Working Supplies

    American Metalcraft
    2074 George St.
    Melrose Park, IL 60160
    (800) 333-9133
    copper shapes including bowls, enameling steel, firing tools -catalogue is shrinking! Ask for discount.
    Frei and Borel(*)
    126 2nd St.
    Oakland, CA
    (800) 772-3456 or (510) 832-0355
    metal-working supplies, used equipment, Neycraft kilns
    Hauser & Miller Co.
    10950 Lin-Valle Dr.
    St. Louis, MO 62123
    (800) 462-7447
    precious metal sheet, foil, wire
    Hoover and Strong
    Richmond, VA
    (800) 759-9997
    precious metals, fine silver and gold shapes
    R.J. Leahy (*)
    1475 Yosemite
    San Francisco, CA
    (415) 861-7161/(800) 514-4106
    non-ferrous metal of all kinds
    34 W. 46th St.
    New York, NY 10036
    (888) 944-0909
    Metal shapes, foils, cloisonne wire, tools
    Online Metals 
    800-704-2157, 206-285-8600
    Fax 800 533-6350
    Soft copper .006 x 6″ or 12″.
    Small Parts
    (800) 220-4242
    Tools, metals bar/rivets/sheet/tubing/wire, Abrasives, acrylics, adhesives, etc.
    Thin Metal Sales, Inc 15047 Sierra Bonita Lane
    Chino, Cailf
    909 393-2273
    (34 ga copper) CDA 110 soft copper. 006×12″ sold by the pound.
    Alan Steel(*) 505 E. Bayshore
    Redwood City, CA
    (650) 396-2526
    scrap metal (copper wire and sheet, shapes, stainless, other steels)
    Alco Iron and Metal, San Leandro(*) (510) 524-5117 Bay Area metal dealers
    Sequoia Brass and Copper, Hayward(*) (510) 887-5525 Bay Area metal dealers
    Metal Supermarket, Hayward(*) (510) 259-1005 Bay Area metal dealers

    Safety Equipment

    51 8th St. North
    Sauk Rapids, MN 56379
    (320) 253-0919 fax -1239
    Protective eyeware.
    Choosing eye protection – recommended site by UC Berkeley Optometry.

    Enamel & Other Tools/Supplies Used in Enameling

    All Fired Up
    info on kilns, kiln construction, parts
    Asheville-Schoonmaker Mica Co.
    B & B Etching Products
    19721 N. 98th Ave., Peoria, AZ 85382
    (888) etchall (382-4255)
    safer glass-etching products
    B & T Spray Equipment (*) 45 Elmira St., San Francisco, CA 94124
    (415) 467-0170
    airbrush, air compressor supplies and repair
    Flynn and Enslow(*)
    1530 17th St., San Francisco, CA
    (415) 863-5340
    screening & mesh, all sizes and types
    Graphic Chemical and Ink Company 
    728 N. Yale Ave. PO Box 7027, Villa Park, IL 60181 USA
    (800) 465-7382
    economical source for ferric chloride
    Howard Wire Cloth (*)
    Hayward, CA
    (800) 969-3559, (510) 887-8787
    mesh in all materials and sizes
    Paragon Industries South Town East Blvd.
    Mesquite, Texas 75149-1122
    Enameling kilns distributed by Rio, Thompson, Leslie Ceramics
    Radio Shack (*) liquid ferric chloride
    Renaissance Stone (*) 751 Moorpark
    Oakland, CA
    (510) 638-2404
    abrasives and polishing materials
    Scout Handford (*)
    Sacramento, CA
    (916) 649-8535
    Specialty Kiln Tools (spider trivets)
    Tar Heel Mica Co. Plumtree, NC 28664
    (828) 765 4535
    This to That web resource for all things about adhesives
    Vcella Kilns Inc.
    171 Mace,
    Chula Vista , CA 91911
    (619) 427-2550
    best enameling kilns on the market


    Charles Lewton-Brain/Brain Press
    President, Canadian Crafts Federation
    Box 1624, Ste M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L7,
    Wax models for casting, precise engraving directly on metal, done by computer program
    Glass on Metal
    PO Box 310
    Newport, KY 41072
    Thompson Enamel; website has articles for reprint.

    Online Resources


    Grains of Glass Open Studio brings together Enamel Artists worldwide of every level to share their art and knowledge all under one roof.
    Orchid Chat
    PMC Guild
    Yahoo Group: Enamelforum