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Book lending policy

The NCEG library items are available for checkout to members (see exceptions below). Items include books, videos, images and newsletters. All items are lent for one month. You are welcome to view show catalogs and out of print books at the Library. Unfortunately, they are not available for borrowing.
Fee: There is no fee for borrowing materials, only a deposit in case of failure to return items. In order to maintain the library, deposits are required on all lent materials. The deposits are: Glass on Metal issues are $10 each; books & videos are $50 each or the (higher) replacement cost of the item.

Request for book and video donations

The NCEG library would appreciate your books and videos to make available to the entire membership. Please contact to pass on the materials.

Request for reviews

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Books, Magazines, and Videos


Antique Gold & Enamel Wear in Color Howard Ricketts book
Art of Crafts – Enameling, The Joan Bolton King book
Arts Know How Series Japanese book
Cloisonne Enameling & Jewelry Making Liban & Mitchell book
Color & Light, The Art & Craft of Enamel on Metal Office of the Dev. of Commission India book
Color on Metal Tim McCreight & Nicole Bsullak book
Contemporary Print in Enamel Impact Press book
Creative Jewelry Techniques: A Workshop Guide Harold OConner book
Dictionary of Enameling History & Techniques Erica Speel book
Enameling Medium for Fine Art Margaret Seeler book
Enameling on Metal Oppi Untracht book
Enameling Principles & Practice Kenneth Bates book
Enameling With Professionals Lillian Bachrach book
Enamelist, The Kenneth Bates book
Enamels, Cooper – Hewitt Museum Editor xx book
Goldsmiths & Silversmith‘s Handbook, The Staton Abbey book
Handmade Jewelry A. R. Emerson. book
Japanese Cloisinee Coben & Fester book
Jeweler‘s Bench Reference, The Harold O‘Conner book
Maggie Hayes Jewelry Book Maggie Hayes book
Metal Enameling Rothenberg book
Modern Pewter Cherron book
New Crafts Enameling Denise Palmer book
On the Theory & Practice of Art – Enameling upon Metals H. H. Cunningham book
Salome‘s Heritage Kenneth F. Bates book
Vilasis Capalleja Francesc Miralles book
Glass on Metal, Juried by D. X. Ross. Pacific Art League/NCEG NCEG show catalog book
L‘art De L‘Email 8th Biennale Int‘l book
1976 Int‘l. Festival of Enamels book
5th International Juried Student Exhibition, On the Edge, catalog, Olympia, WA. ES book
6th Int‘l. Juried Enamel Exhibition, Richmond Art Center 2002 ES book
6th International Juried Enamel Exhib. Richmond Art Center ES book
9th Int‘l Exhib. of Enameling Art in Japan ES book
Andrev Vilasis Exposicion de Esmaltes ES book
AOKI Metal (supplies catalog includes insert of enamels) Rittaiyu Kujaku book
Archives Bundle: 3rd International Juried Enamel Exhibition, In Sight Gallery, 1998 book
Archives Bundle: 4th International Juried, Richmond Art Gallery book
Archives Bundle: 5th International Juried, Educators and Instructors, Richmond Art Center book
Archives Bundle: 6th International Juried, Richmond Art Center2002 book
Archives Bundle: Enamel Classes/Workshop,Richmond Art Center book
Art of Enameling, The Margaret Seeler book
Art of Enamels, The State U College,New Paltz, NY book
Bones and Babies Alana Clearlake book
Bright Gold for Decorating Ceramics book
British Society of Enamelers book
British Society of Enamelers catalog,May 1987 book
California Works book
Capturing the Sublime Marilyn Druin book
Cattleya Shippo (supplies catalog) book
Collette: Symbol & Correspondance 1995 book
Color & Image book
Color of Fire: Contemp. Enamel Arts from Japan & Canada,The book
Crossing Boundaries (3 copies) book
Email (80, 81, 87, 87, 92) 1980 onwards book
Email (white cover, German) book
Enamels International , Long Beach Museum of Art.1985 book
Enamels International , Long Beach Museum of Art.1985 book
Esmaltes Internationales II (87, 88, 90) book
Experimental Techniques in Enameling Fred Ball book
Golden Age of Treasures, The book
Golden Ageof Chinese Archaeology, The (vol 3, #4) book
June Schwarcz, 40 Years, 40 Pieces book
Knapp, Steven book
L‘esmalt (88, 89, 95) unknown book
Les Noves Escultures de Mais unknown book
Limoges Painted Enamels, Victoria & Albert Museum book
Mas by Marisa Jorba, incl. small insert (red file) book
Metal under Glass, postcard packet, SW Missouri State University, 2002 book
Precious Detail Carolyn Delzoppo book
Primre Biennale Int‘l d‘Email Laval book
Primre Biennale Int‘l el Mou de L‘Esmalt book
Reflection & Color book
Shosenkyo Ropeway, Cloisinee Art Museum book
Show catalog book
Tradition & Transformation: Enamels ‘97 book
Art of Fine Enameling, The Karen L. Cohen book
Email de Verre (includes translation) Yoshiko Hasegawa book
Enameling Joah Bolton King book
Enameling on Precious Metals Jeanne Werge-Hartley book
Glass on Metal (1982 onwards most issues) magazine
Step by Step Enameling William Harper book
Making of Cloisinee (catalog & booklet) Kyoko Lio catalog
On the Edge Enamel Society Exhib. catalog catalog
Glass on Metal, Tempe Art Center 1996 ( catalog) magazine
Jewelry Workshop Safety Report Charles Lewton-Brain book
Her Art & the Revivial of Limoges Enamel Lisel Salzer video
\Making Cloisonne, catalog & booklet Kyoko Lio video
Small Scale Photography (includes booklet) Charles Lewton Brain video